BC ADHD Awareness Week 2015 is October 12-18th. Please Spread The Word

Final BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014 Badge with URL

The fourth annual BC ADHD Awareness Week will be will be October 12-18th 2015.

The purpose of the week is to:

  • Raise awareness of ADHD in BC
  • Reduce stigma and misinformation on ADHD in adults and children
  • Show the economic and social costs of ignoring and stigmatizing ADHD
  • Provide factual information on ADHD
  • Encourage proper diagnosis and multimodal treatment of ADHD by trained professionals
  • Get more resources for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in adults

Please help spread the word and we can always use volunteers to do tasks big and small in person, on the phone and online, since we have zero paid staff.

Just the volunteers of the only adult ADHD support group in BC, my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group and I.

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11th Annual CADDRA ADHD Conference in Vancouver BC Oct 16-18th Tell Your Doctor

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The 11th Annual CADDRA (Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance) ADHD Conference will be held here in Vancouver BC Oct 16-18th 2015. Crossposted to BCADHD. Early bird pricing ends July 31st. Register here.

They will be doing this during the 2015 BC ADHD Awareness Week.

Tell Your Doctor Psychiatrist, or Psychologist. Especially if they don’t know ADHD. They can lean and get CME’s Continuing Medical Education Credits for it.

Nurses, ADHD Coaches, Teachers and Social Workers and other professionals and trainees should also attend.

CADDRA has annual conferences but only comes to Vancouver every half a decade so if you miss it, it will be a while before you see them here again.

I’ve attended the last two CADDRA conferences in Vancouver in 2005 and 2010. Here are my posts on them.

Vancouver ADHD conference. ADHD: Across the Lifespan

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How Do I Want To Feel?

How do I want to feel?
Great question from on of my adult ADHD coaching clients that she has started to ask herself to help her change her life.

I suggested she use it as a mantra. Ask the question often. It will provide clarity.

It’s helped her get more stuff done, do less of certain things and clarify what’s important and what to do. Also who to be to get the feeling she wants.

We ADHD adults often have trouble thinking about the future. We often just live in the now or the not now. We’re often time blind.

Asking ourselves how do we want to feel? Can help us ADDers think about the future more often, and in a less stressed, anxious way, and a more useful, calm way.

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If ADHD Didn’t Have Such A Negative Connotation It Would Be Easier To Talk About It

#18. This post is a part of a series where people answer my anonymous survey question on the ADHD Catch 22. If you have ADHD but haven’t gone public with it, what would it take to you go public with ADHD?

If you have ADHD but haven’t gone public with it, what would it take to you go public with ADHD?shareasimage

There are risks and rewards for going public with ADHD AND for staying hidden in the ADHD closet. See this post for context on the series.

“I have often heard people describe ADHD as nonsense. It took me the age of 24 to finally get diagnosed because I started to believe what I was hearing from others. If ADHD didn’t have such a negative connotation it would be easier to talk about it. It is also great to have a loving and understanding support system, for me it was my wife.

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ADHD and Exercise, Benefits, Obstacles To Exercising, And Solutions To Those Obstacles

ADHD and Exercise, Benefits, Obstacles To Exercising, And Solutions To Those Obstacles. Here are notes taken from my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group meeting about this topic. I started the group in 2004 and have I think 29 notes from our meetings on various topics relating to ADHD, have a look at a few.

racquetball-89823_640Photo by Pixabay 

ADHD and Exercise. Exercise is the provider of dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine & beta-endorphins and reducer of stress and helper that makes it easier to focus on boring tasks.

Exercise is the number one non medical way to manage ADHD. I often suggest to my adult ADHD coaching clients to exercise before they have to do boring or repetitive tasks, it will help make it easier for them to do them and to get more of it done because it will be easier for them to focus with all that extra dopamine.

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