Mar 262015

I went to the BIL conference, twitter @bilconf last weekend, Saturday and Sunday March 21st and 22nd at The Imperial, the 2nd time they’ve had it in Vancouver, BC and live tweeted it from my @petequily twitter account.

BIL is an open source unconference like The Northern Voice community blogging and social media conferences that went on in Vancouver from 2005 to 2013. I attended all NV ones except the 2005 one. Highly recommend them if they start up again. BIL is the excellent non billionaire/millionaire’s version of the TED conference. BIL is

Open to the public and fully participant driven, our yearly gathering features a wild mix of technologists, scientists, artists, hackers, and those with a passion for community awareness, social entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Here’s a list of BIL 2015’s speakers and schedule.

Mar 032015

#17. This post is a part of a series where people answer my anonymous survey question on the ADHD Catch 22. If you have ADHD but haven’t gone public with it, what would it take to you go public with ADHD?

If you have ADHD but haven’t gone public with it, what would it take to you go public with ADHD?shareasimage

There are risks and rewards for going public with ADHD AND for staying hidden in the ADHD closet. See this post for context on the series.

“I have gone public with ADHD and my former employer who didn’t believe my diagnosis made my life a living hell and eventually after fighting for adjustments to be made for me to continue my work I resigned.

I feel that someone has to start the dialogue and inform employers etc about the issue and what simple accommodations can be made, for example , a flexible schedule, a semi private office, spending time with the employee on how best to share information etc.

Dec 042014

Better late than never eh?

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Final BC ADHD Awareness Week 2014 Badge with URL

Thanks to our volunteers for making this week happen.  Andrew, Barb, Chris, Christopher, Hazel, Jade, Jennifer, Kat, Maggie, Marc, and Paul. And thanks to Mike for his $500 donation which allowed us to print the posters and support group brochures and the adult ADHD screener test to metro Vancouver libraries and bookstores.

Also thanks to the members of the Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group who helped out with donations.

In 2003 we had ADHD books displays at 78 Libraries and bookstores throughout 23 cities in the Lower Mainland.

In 2014, we went outside the lower mainland and nearly tripled the communities. We had 122 BC Libraries and bookstores in 68 BC communities in every region of BC with BC ADHD Awareness week book displays with ADHD books, books by ADHD authors who have written non add books, and our posters, brochures on both ADHD support groups and the Adult ADHD Screener test.

Oct 312014

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I was very happy to watch the BC NDP’s Health Critic Judy Darcy’s   @DarcyJudy   her Facebook great speech on ADHD in the BC Legislature on the BC Leg live stream Tuesday October 23rd 2014. And tweet excerpts from it throughout the day. It was even more powerful when she mentioned her son had ADHD. Here’s some background on her from her BC Legislature bio.

darcy-Judy photo bcleg 1

In 2003, Judy was honoured with the Council of Canadians Activist of the Year award, “in recognition of outstanding leadership in forging coalitions for the public good on important social issues.”

Judy previously served as National President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Canada’s largest union, and was for many years the only woman to lead a national union in Canada. She was also Secretary Business Manager of the Hospital Employees Union in B.C. for 6 years. In this role, she led negotiations to reach a historic settlement for health care workers after the Supreme Court found that Bill 29 violated Charter-protected rights to collective bargaining.

Oct 122014

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CADDAC, The Center for ADHD Awareness, Canada will have it’s 6th annual conference in Vancouver, BC November 1st & 2nd.


Early bird deadline is in 2 days October 14th, don’t wait.

It’s pretty rare to get ADHD conferences in Vancouver, CADDAC is a Toronto based Canadian ADHD organization so it’s meetings are usually down east in Toronto or Montreal, so you might want to check it out because you may not see another one again in BC for a long time. Maybe another decade.

CADDRA came to Vancouver for a conference almost a decade ago, 2005. See my blog posts on it part one and part two.

At the conference CADDAC had an day before the conference afternoon Advocating for ADHD Vancouver networking event. See my posts on it, part one, part two, part three