Dr. Ed Hallowell on 20/20 this Friday Topic: Rudeness 4

Dr. Ed Hallowell will be on ABC’s 20/20 this Friday evening (Feb. 3) talking about RUDENESS – Their subject title is “That’s So Rude! What’s Happened to Manners in America?”

As a Canadian, I believe it’s not just an American problem. It’s arguably becoming a global problem. Dr. Hallowell has written several ADD books including Delivered from Distraction : Getting the Most out of Life with Attention Deficit DisorderDelivered From Distraction is doing some ADD teleclasses with Dr. John Ratey and is a good speaker. Here’s some notes from his talk in Seattle a while back.

I won’t be able to watch it but if someone does please give a summary of what he says in the comment section please.

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Ed Hallowell on 20/20 this Friday Topic: Rudeness

  • Kathy

    I’ve checked both websites, and neither says anything about the appearance…..I’d planned on watching anyway, because the topic is interesting, but wonder if he’s reallly going to be on.

  • Kathy

    fyi…watched the piece, but did not see dr Hallowell. There WAS however, some guy by the name of Hollowell.