ADDA has 10 Free Teleclasses for ADD Awareness Week Sept 18-21st

ADDA is offering 10 free ADD related teleclasses during ADD Awareness Week. Unfortunately for registration they require you to download a pdf and mail or fax in the registration. So 1980’s of them. Not so good for impulsive last minute ADDErs. Maybe they should look at how ADDClasses does it

Hopefully they’ll be getting an online registration system like everyone else who does teleclasses. As well as having the info online to read on the website, instead of just pdf only. That being said it’s good that they did this, and I know it takes a lot of time and energy to get 1 teleclass organized let alone 10.

Here’s a list of the 10 free ADD teleclasses over 4 days.

    AD/HD Basics

    AD/HD-Substance and Behavioral Addictions

    AD/HD and the African American Community

    Executive Function and Impact on School Work

    AD/HD and Family Stress

    Workplace Issues

    Mature Life Issues and Retirement

    Perfecting the Art of Paying Attention to Everything!

    Finding Someone to Treat Your AD/HD

    Which Treatment for Which Person?

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