We Could be Number One on the Google!

Here’s some viral video tech humor. Slightly nsfw. Especially funny for anyone that has a clue about webdesign and SEO or search engine optimization. How to be number one on the google. via the excellent Webstrategist

For a hundred and fifty quid we could be number one on the google!

It was created by PushOn, a UK online marketing company.

As someone who actually has been number one “on the google” and other search engines from time to time with different keywords, all with organic SEO, anyone that promises you that they’ll make you “number one on the google” is doing one of the following:

1. BSing you, taking advantage of your greed and lack of internet knowledge.
2. Getting you ranked for some irrelevant keyword that almost no one searches for.
3. Doing black hat SEO that may get you near or on number one for a while. But, if you do black hat SEO on your website or blog, you risk getting banned for a few months from google i.e., go back to pagerank 0, start over again.

If you only learn 1 thing about SEO learn the difference between white hat seo and black hat seo. Oh and get your title tags matching your page content. It’s irritating to see bobs widets in the browser bar on every single page on a website. Don’t assume your webdesigner knows SEO. They might, but they probably don’t. It’s just like expecting an SEO can also design your website.

Also google giveth and google taketh away. You could be number one for keyword term x and number 14 the next week. One more reason to cultivate the virtue of equanimity.

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