ADD Resources Annual ADHD Conference in Seattle October 13th

ADD Resources is having their 5th annual conference in Seattle October 13th. The Keynote speaker is Dr. Thomas Brown. He’s done extensive research on ADHD and has written several books on ADHD, his latest is Attention Deficit Disorder: The Unfocused Mind in Children and Adults. It will only cost you $25 for members of ADD Resources and $50 for non–members before October 7th, quite a good deal. After that  it’s $65 at the door.

Here’s a list of the topics that will be covered at the conference

  • AD/HD and Relationships: Essential Facts and Essential Strategies
  • AD/HD: A Doctor’s Perspective
  • Conquering Clutter with Clarity
  • Natural Approaches to Healing ADD/ADHD
  • Optimization of Treatment for AD/HD
  • Out of Our Minds: Using Visual Arts as a Path to Focus-—Part I and II
  • Panel Discussion: Success Strategies for Addressing AD/HD and TS in Personal and Professional Life
  • Seven Habits of Successful ADDish People
  • Strategies to S.T.E.P. into an Organized Life
  • The Tourette Syndrome–ADHD Combined Type: Strengths and Challenges over the Lifespan
  • Using Your AD/HD Strenghts for Career Success: Strategies and Tools

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