Dozens of Free ADHD Online CME’s for Medical Professionals and ADDers

ADD Resources has a great list of links to dozens of ADHD related CME’s (continuing medical education) courses for medical professional and available to the general public as well. They also have links to podcasts and videos.

Next time you hear your Doctor/Psychologist/Psychiatrist say “I don’t know enough about ADD to diagnose or treat it”, show them this webpage.

One way to fight ignorance and stigma against ADHD in the medical profession and the media is knowledge about the condition, diagnosis and treatment.

Sometimes ADHD Adults and parents of ADHD kids need to help educate their Doctors/Psychologists/Psychiatrists about ADHD, since it still isn’t covered very well by medical schools (according to many doctor’s well versed in ADHD that I’ve talked to, who tend to be self educated).

Another great place to go for free clinical information on ADHD is CADDRA’s (Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance) Canadian ADHD Practice Guidelines for 2007-8. It has quite an extensive amount of free information to teach medical professionals how to diagnose and treat ADHD in children, adolescents and adults including various rating scales, how to manage medication side effects, etc.

It’s designed for ADHD clinicians but should also be read by people with ADHD and parents of children with ADHD. Or anyone that wants to learn more about ADHD.

Here’s a list of the subjects that the ADD Resources CME’s cover:

* ADHD Diagnosis
* ADHD Treatment for Adults
* ADHD Treatment for Children
* Medicines
* Depression and Comorbid ADHD
* ADHD and Comorbidities in Adults
* ADHD and Comorbidities in Children
* ADHD and Substance Abuse
* Quality of Life Issues in Adults with ADHD
* Quality of Life Issues in Children with ADHD
* General Topics
* Research

Here’s a link to a quick Adult ADHD screener test by Harvard, NYU and the WHO.

Here’s a link to 34 Articles & Ebooks and Manuals on Teaching Students with ADD.

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