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I Want Sandy is a free web application that gives you email reminders for the things you often forget.

It was recently an Webware 100 Award Winner

I Want Sandy is an automated e-mail assistant. You simply add “her” as an e-mail contact to get started. Sending Sandy an e-mail with a small message will have the system scan what you wrote and convert into an e-mail reminder or calendar appointment that will be sent back to you at whatever time you note. It also has been designed to work with the popular microblogging service Twitter, letting users remotely set reminders while away from their regular e-mail.

You can also create RSS feed reminders and twitter reminders to your mobile phone as well.

Here’s some of the tags you can use to categorize reminders.
o To-Dos
o Goals
o Replies
o Reminders
o Recurring Events
o Other Special Tags

Adults with ADHD are not exactly known for their great memories of the smaller yet often important details in life and work. So if you are known to have time management problems and spend enough time in front of the computer to make it worthwhile you also might want to check it out.

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