What If The Subprime Crisis Is Just The Beginning?

This was from 60 minutes, about what they say will be the second wave of mortgage crisises.

via Garth Turner’s Greater Fool an excellent blog on housing/financial problems by former Tory/Liberal MP Garth Turner.

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You might also want to look at this related chart

Here’s another good video about the corporate real estate market from Tom Barrack, who Fortune magazine named the world’s greatest real estate investor in 2005. His blog is on the top right hand corner here, he needs a blog consultant, no easy link to the blog.

Here’s an interesting video from Peter Schiff 2006 that predicting the housing bubble busting and a lot more. Part 2 get’s even more interesting.

Adults with ADHD are more likely to have problems with money, savings and debt than most other people. Often they have problems paying their bills when they have the money to do so and completing their taxes when the govt owes them money. They’re also more likely to be in denial about or minimize these problems. If this economic crisis could be be several years long (no one really knows how long it will be), denial is a very dangerous strategy.

There’s one small blessing in the midst of all this chaos. The insanity of paying an average of $450,000 a few months ago for a 1 bedroom condo in my hometown, Vancouver will end, and go to a more reasonable rate. I wonder how low the prices might go?

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