ADD / ADHD Strengths

The Sydney Morning Herald has an article on the problems of Adult ADD I get wives on the phone saying, ‘If he doesn’t get help soon, I’m leaving,”‘ says Joy Toll of ADDults with ADHD (NSW),a voluntary organisation. Toll works on the organisation’s helpline. Unfortunately some men who have ADD […]

Men with Adult ADHD. The Effect on Their Families.

It’s no secret to those who understand Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder that many people who work in the media have ADHD. The fast paced, constantly new, multitasking, creative, stimulating environment is a natural fit for them. The adrenaline fuelled deadlines that help them focus are also a bonus. You won’t […]

9 Advantages of having ADHD as a Radio Talk Show ...

See Also Part 1 Federal health advisers said Wednesday that Ritalin and other drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder should not carry strong ”black-box” warnings about potential cardiovascular and psychiatric risks. Rather, the Food and Drug Administration pediatric advisory committee recommended that the drug labels include warning language written so […]

FDA and ADHD Stimulant Medication. Science or Stigma? Part 2

When the experienced professionals don’t believe in your business idea, are they always right? If you decide to take the plunge from complaining about your boss to becoming your own boss and starting a company, you will be in for a wild, wonderful and occasionally terrifying ride. One thing you’ll […]

When The Expert Predictions of Failure

Chris Pirillo was here in Vancouver with Ponzi recently to speak at the Northern Voice blogging conference. He also did the Chris Pirillo show at the Take 5 Coffee shop downtown the night before Moose Camp. Chris talks with Vancouver blogger Will Pate, Scott Beale from Laughing Squid and Identity […]

Chris Pirillo Discusses ADD with Pete on His Podcast Before ...