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Adults with ADHD Abandoned As Clinic Closes Doors

Update: Clinic permanently closed. See this post as well as this one

Alternate title 1 Year Waiting list for an entire year embarassing? Solution. Close the clinic.

Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group
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30 Jan 2007

Adults with ADHD Abandoned As Clinic Closes Doors

VANCOUVER, BC – Despite a year-long waiting list for an entire year, budgetary restraints have forced BC’s principal diagnostic and treatment centre to bar further referrals of adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, while they do a “review” of the program with no target completion date. The clinic, located at Children’s Hospital (CWH) had been accepting adult patients for only two years, during which time its adult caseload had grown to 50 per cent of its patient total.

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What’s Your SQ?

What’s your SQ?

IQ, EQ now SQ. The author of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Daniel Goleman, has a new measure of intelligence SQ or Social Intelligence Quotient. It deals with understanding other peoples feelings, empathy, and social skills.

Scientists have discovered that our interactions don’t just shape our experiences. They actually alter our biology. Fulfilling relationships promote good health, while bad ones “can act like slow poison in our bodies.” Neuroscientists have discovered something even scarier, for anyone trapped in a miserable relationship: long-standing relationships can actually change our brains. It’s called “neuroplasticity” and, Goleman writes, it means that “repeated experiences sculpt the shape, size, and number of neurons and their synaptic connections.” Or, to put it another way: your rotten husband isn’t just wrecking your life — he’s actually wrecking your brain, too.

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Reasons To Attend A CHADD Meeting Instead Of Looking Up Information On The Internet

This list was created by Marie Paxson, Coordinator of Chester County Chadd (near Philadelphia). She graciously offered me permission to reprint it here .

CHADD stands for Children and Adult with ADD, it’s an international non profit ADD support group. Here’s the US HQ, here’s the Cdn HQ, here’s CHADD Vancouver   (I’m on the board) and here’s my Vancouver Adult ADD support group which is the adult group of CHADD Vancouver

You can check my list of Canadian ADD Support groups and International ADD support groups for an ADD support group in your area. Or if there’s no ADD support group in your area you can start your own ADD support group.

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Pete on Panel at Vancouver Giftedness Learning Challenges Conference Tomorrow

Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide’s authors of a must read book for parents of ADD or LD children, The Mislabelled Child: The Mislabeled Child: How Understanding Your Child\'s Unique Learning Style Can Open the Door to Success, How Understanding Your Child’s Unique Learning Style Can Open the Door to Success will be here in Vancouver Sunday to do a one day conference, How Giftedness Can Cause Learning Challenges. It’s sponsored by The Gifted Children’s Association of BC and Silbury Gifted School and Resource Center. The Eide’s will be speaking in the morning and I’ll be one of the panelists during the afternoon session.

The Eide’s are quite digitally active. They have 2 websites, neurolearning and The Mislabeled Child and a blog, Eide Neurolearning Blog. They’ve got a pretty interesting blog, one thing I’ll suggest they add tomorow is blog categories and some labeling on their sidebar

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ADD Awareness Day Podcast, Pete and Diane Talk about Adult ADD on CBC Radio Open Line Show BC Almanac

I and my co speaker at the Navigating ADHD presentation for ADD Awareness day, Diane Sugars, Executive Director of the Learning Disabilities Assn of Vancouver were interviewed on CBC Radio’s Open line show BC Almanac by host Mark Forsythe on the topic of Adult ADD the day before ADD Awareness day. I’ve listened to Mark for a long time on CBC and have always enjoyed his program. He was a good interviewer and knew how to handle the callers and the guests very skillfully. If you have a chance to go on his show, I’d highly recommend it.

I really enjoyed it. 25 minutes goes by pretty fast on live radio. I like the fast pace and the unpredictability of radio, where you never know what’s coming next, good for an ADHD adult who has a low boredom threshold like me:) I’ve only been on two other radio programs, twice on CFUN 1410 AM , and once on Evolution 107.9 FM , but I’ve had good experiences on all, really enjoyed doing them and want to do some more.

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