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MLAPlaydate.  Democracy can be fun if you’re imaginative:) Here is a bit of background on the open source activism online and offline that Quinn Donovan, I @pqpolitics,  & Paul Dayson and many, many other BC parents their children and other citizens made happen online and offline for public education in BC. Also will […]

MLAPlaydate. Polite, Peaceful, Playful, Powerful Parents & Kids. Info And ...

UPDATE COPE Vancouver and Vancouver Greens will have open candidate nomination meetings for 2014. Not sure if NPA Vancouver or Cedar Party or VanTEAM will have open nominations or not.  2014 Vision Vancouver repudiates the 2011 Vision Vancouver’s semi democratic candidate semi open nomination process in favour of 2014’s Vision’s closed nominations for […]

Vision Vancouver 2011: Member Driven, Empowering Our Members, Open Nominations ...

Yesterday I went to two leaders rallies in Vancouver, Michael Ignatieff’s in North Vancouver and Elizabeth May’s in Vancouver At the Green party rally that started at 7.30pm in front of the train station in Vancouver I asked Elizabeth May who’s @elizabethmay on Twitter “Do you knew that 20-45% of […]

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Photo Credits: dogsbody and Brent Granby Vision Vancouver’s Gregor Robertson’s campaign understood the internet, social media, and web culture much better than the NPA’s Peter Ladner’s did and that’s one of the many reasons he won the 2008 Vancouver civic election. In this comprehensive post I compare and contrast the […]

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Why Blogs & Other Social Media Matter. Quantifying The Dangers Of Not Cluing In. 29 Social Media & SEO Metrics.   Here’s what I’ll be showing you in this post: Comparison chart of the data Overview slides of the data Analysis and opinion Links to both campaign’s social media profile […]

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“One person can make a difference and every person should try.” US President John F. Kennedy Online ADHD awareness and advocacy activities are easier and cheaper than offline ones, and are often more effective. Especially since most people with ADHD don’t have a lot of local services available for them […]

ADDers Should Learn From the Presidential Online Websites and Blogs

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Update: Maybe the pattern is stronger than I thought. via Canadian Cynic Conservatives confirmed what Green party leader Elizabeth May and Macleans.ca blogger Kady O’Malley blogged about when they saw the government lobby of the House of Commons. When you walk in the door, all you see are pictures of […]

The Cult of Stephen Harper Party?