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ADHD vs Undiagnosed ADHD vs Undiagnosed ADHD in Treatment Resistent Depression 2
Do you know someone whose has been treated for years for depression but they don’t get better? Are their antidepressant medications not working? Do they really have treatment resistant depression? Or do they have undiagnosed and untreated ADHD that the medical system often ignores and neglects? In this post, I will […]

28% Of Referrals To A Mood & Anxiety Clinic Had ...

I was interviewed on CKNW 980 Am Radio by @alisonbailey980 on October 14th on the 26 25 Libraries Doing ADHD Book Displays in 8 cities in BC’s lower mainland, bookstores doing the same, and an ADHD Awareness info table at a local community center,  The Roundhouse to help promote ADHD […]

Pete’s interview with CKNW 980 AM Radio Oct 14th for ...

Here are the notes and the links for my presentation ADHD – Busting The Myths, Breaking The Stigma, Showing Reality, One Post And Tweet At A Time for Mental Health Camp Vancouver April 25, 2009. I won’t be able to cover all this material during the session so I have […]

ADHD – Busting The Myths, Breaking The Stigma, Showing Reality, ...

This is for a presentation I’m doing at Mental Health Camp Vancouver (a conference combining social media with mental health) called ADHD – Busting the myths, breaking the stigma, showing reality, one post and tweet at a time. While ADHD is especially stigmatized as the orphan of mental health conditions, […]

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Today’s Vancouver Sun Monday April 13th 2009 has an article on Adult ADHD on p A5. The title is B.C. lacks resources to treat, diagnose adults with ADHD by Amy O’Brian. Web version is here. They interviewed a local adult with ADHD, John Scrivin. Please check it out and let […]

B.C. Lacks Resources to Treat, Diagnose Adults with ADHD – ...

UPDATE: the 500 million figure is incorrect, it’s actually Billions of dollars yearly. The BCMA underestimated the cost because they only counted the cost of children with ADHD ie 18 and under. They didn’t include adults with ADHD which are far more numerous than kids with ADHD, i.e., 19 years […]

BC Medical Assn says ADHD Costing BC 500 Million Yearly. ...