ADHD Medication Log. Help Your Doctor Find The Right Med And The Right Dose Faster.


One thing some people who start out taking ADHD medications don’t realize is that if they get side effects from an ADHD medication, often the answer is a simple as changing the dose or the how you take it i.e., time of day, split doses, food etc. Of course you should talk to your doctor if you have any side effects from ADHD meds, that’s what they’re there for.

One thing I think is underused and is very useful is an ADHD medication log. This is great tool when you’re starting a new ADHD med, you write things down so you have a better idea on how the med/meds are working for you or not, and it gives your doctor the information they need to help adjust the dose/change the medication if necessary.

Here are some things to consider putting into in an ADHD med log:

What time of day you took the medication(s)
What you had for breakfast and when. (include other meals if you’re taking meds at more than one time during the day.)
What was your mood like during the day? Rate it on a few variables that are relevant to you.
When did you notice the ADHD meds start to take effect?
When did you notice the ADHD meds start to wear off?
What positive effects did you notice in relation to your ADHD behaviors?
What side effects did you notice?

Try keeping the ADHD med log every day for a few weeks and show it to your doctor. You might try getting your ADHD Coach to help you keep on track in completing the log every day.

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5 thoughts on “ADHD Medication Log. Help Your Doctor Find The Right Med And The Right Dose Faster.”

  1. Christina Gaddy

    I have ADD and I am about to start taking adderal but I have taken it the past I will be taking it twice a day and I don’t think I need the lowest dose, so what would the next one up be?

  2. Hi Christina, best to discuss that with your doctor or psychiatrist. You shouldn’t be changing doses without taking to them first

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