The Positive Characteristics of people with ADD

That’s the topic of our next Vancouver Adult ADD Support group meeting.

While there are some definite negatives to having ADD, there are some positives too. Too many people focus 95% of their time on the negatives of ADD and not counterbalancing that with some of the positive characteristics of people with ADD, such as creativity, adaptability, high energy level, multitasking ability, resourcefulness, willingness to take risks, ability to hyper focus with laser-like intensity, etc.

We’ll be discussing some of the advantages of ADD. See the 151 Positive Characteristics of people with ADD, and the Advantages of ADD for examples.

Which ones do you have? How can you spend more time focusing on, and developing your ADD related strengths?

Discussion Leader: Pete Quily

Time: Tuesday September 27th from 7-9pm

Meeting Place: Ravensong Community Healthcare Center, 2450 Ontario Street, near Main and Broadway.

See Group website for more info on the group

3 thoughts on “The Positive Characteristics of people with ADD”

  1. Though I’ve never been tested or diagnosed with ADD, I suspect I am. And for me the focus, multitasking and super fast solution evaluation are my keys. I’m mentoring a young woman who does have ADD and has traits much like me (though she doesn’t have the touch of dyslexia that I do). I encourage her to treat her ADD like a gift, not a curse. ADD is what gives us geeks our edge. The foucs, the ability to swirl multiple solutions to a problem in our heads at the same time, these are GIFTS. These are so powerful. I can’t imagine what I would do if I couldn’t juggle 10 ideas at the same time, then pick one and foucs on it so completely that the world disappears!

  2. You’re right about the edge Tris, our Vancouver adult ADD support group had a booth at techvibes to develop ADD awareness and even though we were hidden out of the way we had a great response from the attendees.

    I think many people in the high tech world have ADD, it’s a competitive edge, fast processing brain, great at multitasking and hyperfocus, and creative to boot.


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