Joe’s Goals. Track Your Goals Online, Simply, Easily and Free

Joe’s Goals is a great, simple, easy, and free way to keep track of your goals online. It’s great for building daily positive habits.

Joe’s Goals is a simple yet powerful tool to make tracking your goals the easiest part of accomplishing them. Use our simple single page interface to setup daily and weekly goals and track your overall progress and score. Setup negative goals (or vices) to confront and overcome the bad habits that finally need to get the boot.

You just pick whatever goal you want and then every day you click on it if you’ve done it (can click multiple times if you want to do something say 3 times a day or do negative clicks if you haven’t done it. You get to see the yellow sunny smiling face if you’re doing what you’re supposed to and the grey, gloomy face if you not.

It’s great way for people with ADD to track their goals online and increase the chance of them achieving it. Highly recommended.

5 thoughts on “Joe’s Goals. Track Your Goals Online, Simply, Easily and Free”

  1. Dan "j0" Buhler

    I use this as well as to make sure I’m keeping on task. (Wasn’t around when this post was written.)

    It helps me visually see how I’m wasting my time. Plus you can share it with your spouse or another colleague to help keep yourself motivated.

  2. I recommand another goal tracking and to do list management web site

    You will see the instant progress update after completing a task on your goal. It’s free and worth a try.

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