Vancouver Blogging Conference Next Week Northern Voice and Moosecamp

I’m going to the Northern Voice 2007 blogging conference and Moose camp next week. Went to last year’s conference and learned a lot and had a great time. Got interviewed on Chris Pirillo’s Podcast on my top ten advantages of having ADD in a high tech career post which got dugg, and delicioused during the conference which probably helped contribute to my good mood:) Even today google “Top 10 Advantages” and you’ll find my post pretty high on the list of the 114 million hits. One of the many things that blogs are good for is spreading ideas.
Here’s a carefully hidden list of attendees at this year’s conference

If you get a chance to go next year register early it’s already sold out. $50 for a two day useful and entertaining conference might be part of the reason. Also it’s nice to meet other bloggers offline, by in large they’re a pretty cool crowd to hang out with.

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