Comedian Jeff Allen On His ADHD Children And His ADHD Video

Here’s a funny video of a comedian who’s gone public with having ADHD. Jeff Allen, a Christian comedian talking about his ADHD children at school and his own experience at school with ADHD. Can anyone relate?

I think many comedians have ADHD both the paid ones and the ones that do it for free:)

Some comedians have gone public with having ADHD ie Patrick McKenna and Rick Green who made the great ADD and Loving It movie on Adult ADHD and the website Totally ADD. Howie Mandel has also gone public with having ADHD.

There are many comedians that some people think have ADHD, who may or may not actually have it and have never claimed publicly that they had ADHD. Some of those have dyslexia or bipolar and are mistakenly put on lists as having ADHD when they don’t. That being said, you can have ADHD and dyslexia and bipolar. It’s not just one or the other. Comorbidity is the norm for ADHD



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