Determination. 5th Time’s The Charm. 35 years After 1st Attempt, 64 Year Old Swims From Cuba To Florida

One characteristic many of us ADDers have is persistence. IF we really want something, we can be phenomenally persistent and tenacious. This does NOT apply to all things, and rarely applies to paperwork:) The boring things we lose interest on very quickly.

But if we really want something, we can move heaven and earth to get it.

I’m not saying Diana has ADHD, but I think this she is an inspirational role model for adults with ADHD.

64 year old US endurance swimmer Diana Nyad first tried the 103 mile swim from Cuba 35 years ago in 1978 with a shark cage.  Couldn’t make it.

A second attempt – without a cage, in 2011 had to be called off because of shoulder pain and an asthma attack.

Later the same year, jellyfish stings stopped Ms Nyad’s third bid at the crossing.

Her fourth attempt ended in August 2012…when Ms Nyad had to be pulled out of the water after 41 hours when a squall and repeated jellyfish stings made it impossible for her to continue

Here’s the video of Diana coming in to Florida

Here’s Diana Nyad landing on shore and sharing her 3 messages.

She had some fans.

Here’s her TED Talk


What’s an example of a time where you showed a lot of persistence and finally got what you wanted?


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