I’m 38 And I’m Still Keeping ADHD A Secret To Avoid Social And Work Problems

#16. This post is a part of a series where people answer my anonymous survey question on the ADHD Catch 22. If you have ADHD but haven’t gone public with it, what would it take to you go public with ADHD?

If you have ADHD but haven’t gone public with it, what would it take to you go public with ADHD?shareasimage

There are risks and rewards for going public with ADHD AND for staying hidden in the ADHD closet. See this post for context on the series.

“I’m 38 and I’m still keeping ADHD a secret to avoid social and work problems. I let the people around me think my priorities are wrong to avoid being seen as stupid in other ways. To other people it looks like disregard, or an aloof attitude, like I don’t care if I disrespected them by forgetting something.

There are consequences. So, I would feel more comfortable if they understood that I’m every bit as capable as they are, and not retarded or a joke. That’s the big thing, I don’t want people to think that I’m stupid.”


2 thoughts on “I’m 38 And I’m Still Keeping ADHD A Secret To Avoid Social And Work Problems”

  1. I was recently diagnosed with adhd and I’m 28. I’m in school now and I’ve told a few people, some understand and some don’t. But the ones that understand inspire me, having those people in my life actually makes it worth dealing with the ignorants. Having adhd doesn’t mean we r stupid, I have a high IQ (136).

    two of my professors are the most amazing people in the world and no they aren’t letting me get away with not submitting my home work etc. They understand what I’m going trough and if I’m having a bad day I just walk into their office and talk and talk to clear my head. It’s the best feeling ever knowing that you are not going to get judged and there are people there to support you through hard times.

    My dad still think adhd is a myth and I’m bringing excuses (even though since I’ve learned about it, my life has taken a positive turn, just realising what has been going on with me my entire life, and he can see it too).

    But I still tell people, I personally don’t care what they think of me, I feel better and I’m not depressed anymore. Now I don’t feel stupid when people tell me: it’s easy to focus, etc. and to people that will judge me or tell me random things like: “everyone is a little adhd.”, “I sometimes can’t focus too.” etc. I turned at them and say go educate yourself.

    I feel so much more in control of my life. I love the people that understand me (some of my professors) they inspire me to do better and pity the ignorant ones.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU6o2_UFSEY (this video is great, watch it)

    Stand for yourself and show them that you are not stupid. I’m trying to educate my dad and struggle I have deal with is frustrating and exhausting, but I care about my dad. with other people I literally just tell them “go educate yourself” and I walk away.

  2. Grace oribhabor

    If you’re boss doesn’t listen, then keep talking to anyone and everyone. Educate the ignorant. If you dont, then who will?

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