Dr. Ed Hallowell Is Speaking In Vancouver, Unwrapping The Gifts Of ADHD

Dr Ed Hallowell and some of this adhd books

Dr. Ed Hallowell, Web,  Twitter,  Facebook,  Youtube has ADHD has written many books on ADHD, taught at Harvard Medical school and is also a great speaker who talks about the challenges AND the positives of ADHD.

Given the name of my blog, I appreciate his role as the pioneer of those who talk about the positives of ADHD, when many just see 99% pathology in us ADDers and not much else.

I recommend his books on ADHD to all my adult ADHD coaching clients and the members of my Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group.

Dr. Hallowell is speaking in Vancouver on Sunday, December 11, 2016, from 4:00pm – 5:30pm at Vancouver College. It is free but you have to preregister here and it is highly likely that tickets will sell out. So don’t do the usual ADHD procrastination.

Most authors are not good speakers but Dr. Hallowell is an exception. He’s a great speaker and he also talks about the positives of ADHD vs it’s 99% pathology, you’re doomed.

I can’t remember when I first read his books on ADHD, but I first heard him speak live at a Seattle ADD Resources Conference in 2004 go see the notes of that talk on my ADHD website.

I also saw him speak in 2007 in Vancouver and had lunch with him. Very cool guy.

I was going to blog the talk. I took 18 pages of notes. Tried to condense it but only got it down to 16, too much to blog so I didn’t post it:)

Tell your child’s teacher, doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist and your spouse and kids about Dr. Hallowell’s presentation, they will learn a lot about ADHD and they won’t be bored:)

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