If Flashlights Could Talk. Explain Adult ADHD

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If Flashlights Could Talk.

By ADAnon

“Let’s say you have a talking flashlight.

“It looks like most other flashlights and lacks any particularly
distinguishing features.

So you put some batteries in the flashlight and turn it on.

Nothing happens.

You ask the flashlight “Why aren’t you working?”

The flashlight replies “I’m a 12-volt flashlight, you gave me 3 volt
batteries, what do you expect?”

“But most other flashlights take 3-volt batteries! They’re cheaper
and more energy efficient.” you protest.

But the flashlight remains silent. So you reluctantly go out and
purchase a set of 12-volt high-performance batteries and put them in the

When you turn on the flashlight you’re surprised by the intensity of the beam! Its light is so focused and intense that it could damage someone’s eyes if they were to look at it directly.

“Why are you so much brighter than the other flashlights? You don’t look
any different.” you ask the flashlight.

“Ask the manufacturer,” it replies.”

By ADAnon

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2 thoughts on “If Flashlights Could Talk. Explain Adult ADHD”

  1. Listening can be soo tough when my mind starts thinking of something else because i get an Idea while your talking and Well sadly it stimulats me more than what your saying so either i try to hurry Up and Say it or i dont but IVe lost what your have Saïd and either i make you repeat or just get imbarrassed and discouraged and pretend i understood hoping it wont matter. Sorry lol

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