I Still Use Techniques Pete & I Came Up With During Our Discussions And I Use Many Of Pete’s Techniques For Solving New Problems In Life.

Another satisfied Adult ADHD coaching client.

“Pete is an excellent ADD Coach! Back in 2009, I was lost. My job had given me warning about my lack of attention to detail, my marriage was a mess and I had two little kids. I could not seem to get my act together. I needed help, and Pete was the perfect coach.

I would present problems I was having or things I felt I needed to address, and Pete would push me to come up with ways to deal with the issues. Whether it was dealing with people, (as I am rather introverted), or time management, or home life issues, Pete was able to point me in the right directions to come up with ways to address the issue. Not every idea worked, and I had to re-address issues and come up with different ways to deal with them, but I learned something out of every attempt.

Not only did I learn how to address specific issues, but I learned methods for addressing issues in the future when Pete was not around.

Pete never pushed his ideas. He made me come up with my own so that I owned it. He would help kick-start me when I got stuck and ask questions to make me think about different aspects, but never instilled his personal bias. He did make sure that the session was spent on my ADD issues though.

There were days when I did not feel like dealing with anything, and I would try to divert the discussion into something not related to my issues, but Pete would always gently bring me back on track and I felt like I got something out of every session.

Life is really good for me now. Both my kids are in college and I have a great relationship with them. My career as a mechanical engineer is going great. And my ability to function in a relationship is better than it has ever been.

My ADD is under control. I could not eliminate medication completely, but Pete’s coaching allowed me to minimize my dependency on medication and focus on myself and life. I still use the techniques Pete and I came up with during our discussions and I use many of Pete’s techniques for solving new problems in life.

Thank you, Pete!”

Louis Zizza.

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