Please Don’t Count Me Out. Explain Adult ADHD

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Part of #ExplainAdultADHD.  A campaign to reduce the ignorance, misinformation, and stigma against adults with ADHD.


Please Don’t Count Me Out.

“In nature there is good, bad, defective, and different. 

The brains of people with ADD and ADHD fall into the category of different. 

Actually we fit into all of those categories in different ways and under different circumstances.

Having ADHD is good in situations that require determination, thinking outside the box, empathy, sensitivity, understanding, and acceptance. 

ADHD is bad when leadership, management, organization, memorization, interpretation, decisiveness, and reliability are concerned. 

The people who have ADD and ADHD do not chose to be good, bad or in between. Our brains are created to function atypically. 

God can use any of His creations for good; for achieving His will and purpose. The Holy Bible scripture states that we are wonderfully made. It tells us that each of us are equal and precious in His eyes. 

I think that God allowed me to have ADD in order for others to see how He can use my shortcomings to accomplish His will. 

They can learn to trust God and increase their faith in Him. I have the opportunity to show others how God is present with His children in every situation; that He goes before us to prepare the way. 

I may never reach my personal goals, but I can feel peace and contentment knowing that I am doing God’s work. 

Don’t count me out. God may have sent me to help you. 

Love, Terri.”


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