ADHD Problems I Help Solve

Hundreds of adults with ADHD have worked with me since 2003 as their Adult ADHD coach to learn how to solve their ADHD related problems. I have ADHD, no one needs to explain what it’s like to live with it to me:)

I offer potential Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder coaching clients a free 30 minute ADHD coaching sample session to discover if I can help them with their ADHD related goals or problems and for both of us to determine if we’re a good fit.

Here are some of the career, family and health and lifestyle ADHD related problems / goals to achieve that adults with ADHD asked me to help them with for their free ADHD coaching session and who have hired me as their Adult ADHD coach.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Business and Career

  • Over promising and under delivering
  • Starting tasks on time and finishing them on time.
  • Screening through and prioritizing handling email and voice mail messages
  • Committing and finishing a project in a realistic period of time with understanding and balance


  • Dealing with procrastinating on boring or uncomfortable work that is critical to my business’ success
  • Stop interrupting people while they are talking
  • Learning how to say no and applying boundaries at work
  • Achieving success with my daily to do list more often
  • Learning conscious ways to manage my distractibility


  • Be able to order and track my many commitments to many people and organize my time and efforts so I actually do them vs just think of doing them
  • Cleaning up my desk and the area around it
  • Learning how to prioritize & attack my daily work load
  • Maintaining a consistent schedule to reduce the clutter I have in my home office
  • Effectively scheduling my time


  • Learning not to hyperfocus too much on one project at the expense of other projects, life balance, and income
  • Creating and maintaining a habit of task management
  • Creating structures for my work and personal life
  • Arriving at work on time
  • Following through to launch new program


  • Reducing commitments and enjoying life more
  • Creating and implementing a business development strategy at work
  • Procrastinating on calling new prospects


  • Communicating better with my wife
  • Overcoming an aversion to social occasions
  • Being more attentive and considerate to my wife and family
  • Improving my communication and relationship skills with my girlfriend
  • Recognizing the signs of exhaustion that lead me to a state of discouragement and anger
  • Selling a house

Health and Lifestyle

  • Creating and maintaining a morning ritual
  • Practicing _____ 2 hours every day
  • Following through with commitments to myself. Especially exercise & weight loss
  • Meditating or doing yoga every day
  • Drawing, sketching or painting every day

Do you have some of these ADHD related problems or goals?

Try a free 30-minute sample session of ADHD coaching to find out how I can help you learn how to manage your ADHD more effectively, with less stress, and reach your goals quicker and easier.


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