Good post by Gretchen Rubin on the 11 myths of De-cluttering. Clutter is often a very big problem for many ADHD adults and often causes a lot of stress and irritation for their spouses. He are a few  5. “I can’t get rid of anything that I might possibly need […]

De-cluttering Myths

Great ideas are conceived and subsequently lost in the hands of creative geniuses, everyday. Frustration, rationalization, and despondence loom as creative people jump from idea, to idea, to idea… and fall short of actually making ideas happen. It is a shame that most creative breakthroughs never materialize. via Kineda Now […]

The Action Method by Behance

Serial Filler talks about the true cost of stuff. It takes time and energy to take care of stuff. Physical stuff, intellectual property, outdated issues, unresolved traumas and conflicts, even memories. I have a choice: caretake my past or build my future. How true. Many of us ADDers like the […]

The Tyranny of STUFF