Taming The Chaos Decluttering Tips

Adults with ADHD aren’t the only people who have problems with clutter, but we seem to have more problems than most people do for a variety of reasons. I.e., being more impulsive, distractable, disorganized and having more trouble than most people doing boring repetitive tasks, ie cleaning up stuff around the house. One thing I’d Read more about Taming The Chaos Decluttering Tips[…]

The Action Method by Behance

Great ideas are conceived and subsequently lost in the hands of creative geniuses, everyday. Frustration, rationalization, and despondence loom as creative people jump from idea, to idea, to idea… and fall short of actually making ideas happen. It is a shame that most creative breakthroughs never materialize. via Kineda Now this sounds like it was Read more about The Action Method by Behance[…]

ADD organization via webcam

Want to catalogue every book, movie, music, and video game that you own digitally? Have a Mac and a firewire camera? Try Delicious Library. You can use the webcam to scan the barcodes and it builds a searchable digital library, creating covers to be used on your digital bookshelf or ipod. You can even track Read more about ADD organization via webcam[…]