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Update. Emerson Owes Vancouver Kingsway Riding Association $96,755. Jason Cherniak has this update. (he deleted his blog post was at http://jasoncherniak.blogspot.ca/2006/02/emerson-owes-96755.html)  He got a pdf copy of a letter from the Vancouver Kingsway Federal Liberal Riding Association to David Emerson. Here’ what some of it said. Approximately three hundred volunteers […]

The Blogosphere. Democracy’s Rapid Reaction Force To Deceitful David Emerson

Another set of attacks in London, looked like the explosives didn’t go off, just the detenators. So thankfully no one killed and the British police have already arrested two suspects The Counterterrorism Blog has good coverage on the events, thanks BillMon. My previous post links to some blog/website/and wiki’s on […]

London Bombing 2 Understanding The Enemies

“I was on the tube on the first carriage at Russel Square. I am not afraid. Mark M – Finbsury Park, London
There’s going to be an exhibition of Celebrity photos that were submitted to the We’re Not Afraid blog that’s now getting 4 million hits a day in London at the Proud Galleries on September the 2nd, sources tell me. I’ve previously posted about this blog here, here, here, here and […]

Celebrity Exhibition of Fearless Photos, Sept 2 at Proud Galleries ...