About Adult ADD Strengths

Adult ADD Strengths is my blog about the strengths, challenges and how to effectively manage Adult Attention Surplus Condition, more commonly known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Examples of the strengths of people with Adult ADHD, including people who have ADHD and see it as a competitive edge, IF you manage adult ADHD properly.

  • The challenges of living and working with Adult ADHD.
  • Research on Adult ADHD.
  • My opinions on Adult ADHD
  • ADHD awareness, advocacy, policy, and stigma reduction.
  • Other topics that grab my multi-track mind.

Who Writes This Blog?



I’m Pete Quily, a professionally trained Adult ADHD coach who has ADHD and have been coaching adults with ADHD since 2003 over the phone on 6 continents. I founded and lead the Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group. and was on the board of CHADD Vancouver for 17 years.

I’m also an ADHD advocate and activist and self-medicate my ADHD with information, learning, asking questions and helping people. Helping others boosts dopamine, in addition to the karmic and other benefits. I live in Vancouver, BC Canada.

My longer Bio on my website.

My online media room on my website including my coverage by print, radio, and TV.

Some of the links to books, gadgets etc in the sidebar and in posts are Amazon affiliate links. If you click on them and buy enough stuff, Amazon may eventually send me some money.

Want More?

If you like this blog, you might want to have a look at my large, comprehensive adult ADHD website, ADDCoach4u.com. There, you’ll find more information on Adult ADHD including hundreds of links and if you want one on one practical help with ADHD, information on my professional adult ADHD coaching business.

Or my second blog, BCADHD.com

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  1. You have a typo in your introductory paragraph on the “About Adult ADD Strengths” page. Reads more commonly kno examples, rather than, more commonly known.

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