What Is The Most Important Thing You Want Non ADHD People To Know About Your ADHD?

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Have you ever been shamed because you have ADHD?

Has your self-esteem ever been damaged by how other people treat you because you have adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

The purpose of this campaign is to spread the word on what it really feels like to have adult ADHD. So non-ADHD adults can understand us better and do less shaming or humiliation of us for having a genetically inherited neurodevelopmental condition, i.e., stigmatizing us.

As someone who has been coaching adults with ADHD since 2003, runs an Adult ADHD support group and has ADHD, I’ve heard these ignorant shaming and stigmatizing comments far too often.

So have my Adult ADHD clients, who hear them so often, and see so few willing to call them out on it, or impose a cost for stigmatizing us, some start to believe the lies and stigma on adult ADHD, and internalize them and repeat it to themselves and others.

What Do We Want?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if non-ADHD people know more about ADHD from us, the actual people who had it?

Wouldn’t it be great if they understood us more?

Wouldn’t it be great if they shamed and stigmatized us less? If our family and friends understood us better so they would have more empathy towards us and a higher opinion of us?

How much easier would it be to come out of the #ADHDCloset when others understood us better and had more empathy towards us?

How much more successful we will be when we demand more resources for proper ADHD diagnosis and treatment?

How To Get It:

Tell me in the form below what is the most important thing that you want non-ADHD adults to know about what life is really like living with Adult ADHD.

You can do it anonymously, or your full name.

I post your most important point about living with Adult ADHD on my blog and social media accounts.

I and others will use the Twitter and Facebook hashtag #ExplainAdultADHD so others can find, read and share your stories, and share their own.

Some Examples:

  • What is the most harmful ADHD myth? Explain.

  • What do you hate about having adult ADHD? Explain.

  • What do you love about having adult ADHD? Explain.

  • Describe how your family or friends react to your procrastination or impulsivity. What do you want them to know about it?
  • What do you want others to know about adult ADHD?


See some #ExplainAdultADHD stories posted here by your fellow ADHD Adults.


What To Do:

  • Write your story in the form below. Or link to a picture, drawing, audio or video if you prefer, or a combination.

  • Remember to focus on your one most important point vs several random ones. Have more than one important point? Great! Please do another entry for it.
  • Please write more than 2 paragraphs and less than a novel:)

  • No links please (other than your blog or twitter account). No selling products or people, thank you.
  • Focus on doing a good entry that is completed and sent. Vs. the perfect entry which is never finished and abandoned on the graveyard of abandoned projects we ADDers often have:)


Do you feel others don’t understand you?

Do people make you feel horrible about yourself because you have ADHD?

Do you fail to fight back?

Do you stay hidden in the ADHD closet?

Explain one thing about ADHD that you want people to know.

Share Your Most Important Point On Adult ADHD So Non-ADHD Adults Can Understand Us Better

Share Your Most Important Point On Adult ADHD So Non-ADHD Adults Can Understand Us Better

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