Explain adult ADHD to non ADHD adults Adult ADD Strengths 2
If Flashlights Could Talk. By ADAnon Part of #ExplainAdultADHD. Crowdsourcing ADHD adults to help reduce ignorance and stigma by non-ADHD adults against our fellow adults with ADHD. Share the most important point you want non-ADDers to know about what it’s really like living with Adult ADHD, I post it on my blog & […]

If Flashlights Could Talk. Explain Adult ADHD

Explain adult ADHD to non ADHD adults Adult ADD Strengths
Problem:  Have you ever been shamed because you have ADHD? Has your self-esteem ever been damaged by how other people treat you because you have adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? The purpose of this campaign is to spread the word on what it really feels like to have adult ADHD. So non-ADHD adults […]

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ADHD Family Day will be on Sunday, April 23rd 2017, 8.30 am -4.30 pm at the Vancouver Convention Centre East thanks to the 6th World Congress on ADHD and Caddac. Only $50. Please help get the word out.  Topics > How the Understanding of ADHD has changed > ADHD in the Classroom > Oppositional Defiant […]

World Congress ADHD Family Day In Vancouver April 23rd

Würzburg, Vienna, Berlin, Milan, Glasgow, and now  # 6 in Vancouver. The 6th World Congress on ADHD will take place for the first time outside of Europe, they chose Canada, here in my home city of Vancouver. It will be on April 20–23 2017 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It is a massive […]

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Dr Ed Hallowell and some of this adhd books
Dr. Ed Hallowell, Web,  Twitter,  Facebook,  Youtube has ADHD has written many books on ADHD, taught at Harvard Medical school and is also a great speaker who talks about the challenges AND the positives of ADHD. Given the name of my blog, I appreciate his role as the pioneer of those who […]

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Another satisfied Adult ADHD coaching client. “Coaching has been one of the best decisions I could have made! I have been working with Pete over the last year and we have accomplished so much, in such a short time. When I began coaching, I had only known I had ADHD […]

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ADHD Self-Esteem
Here are notes from my nonprofit Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group September 6th 2016 Meeting on the topic of ADHD and self-esteem. In my experience, most adults with ADHD have problems with self-esteem, regardless of external accomplishments. I’ve coached hundreds of ADHD entrepreneurs and people in the workplace (I don’t […]

ADHD And Self-Esteem. What Lowers It, What Raises It?

Readers Digest
  I’m Profiled In This Month’s Readers Digest, October 2016, Canadian Edition, With 2 Other ADHD Adults. Title is “Three Canadians On What It’s Like To Be an Adult With ADHD.” Page 57-61. Written by Lisa Bendall. www.lisabendall.com . @lisabendall It’s out now. Have a look at it on a newsstand or […]

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ADHD Awareness Month 2016 US
October is ADHD Awareness month. Here’s what’s going on and some ideas for ADHD book displays in your city, province or state based on what I and volunteers of my Vancouver Adult ADD Support group have done in BC for 4 years.  Canadian ADHD Awareness Month site. American ADHD Awareness Month […]

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CADDAC 2016 ADHD Conference In Vancouver BC
  Want to learn more about ADHD in adults, children & teens? Come to CADDAC’s 8th annual ADHD conference here in Vancouver. Tell your ADHD friends, doctors and teachers. Cross posted to BC ADHD CADDAC, Centre For ADHD Awareness annual Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder conference used to comes out west to […]

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