ADD in technology awareness event

The Vancouver Adult ADD Support Group that I lead will be having a table at the upcoming Techvibes Massive Tech Conference And Expo at Science world March 30ht in Vancouver to promote ADD Awareness and our group. Unfortunately Canada is about 5 or more years behind the US when it comes to ADD awareness. 85% of adults with ADD don’t know they have it and as Dr. Ed Hallowell, author of Delivered from Distraction says “If you manage ADD properly it’s a gift, but if you don’t it can be a curse.”

They’re expecting several thousand people. As someone that has used macs since 85 and sold them for 7 years, it seems like many people in the hi tech world have ADD. There are a lot of advantages to having ADD in hi tech careers. For example:

-rapid fire mind
-hyperfocus, how many people can get and stay in the zone on computers for 5-8 hours straight? The first time I got on the net was at an internet cafe in 93. I got on the net at 8pm and at 4 am decided it was time to go home.
-great at multitasking with 12+ apps at time. Single browser and single window? Boring.
-having a brain that needs constant stimulation + the internet. Match made in heaven.
-high energy level, you can keep going while others fall by the wayside. 12 hour days, no problem.
-high degree of creativity. Able to think beyond the concept of a box.

I’ve been scouring the net for articles or research on ADDers in the high tech world and found nothing. Everyone who knows what ADD is says it’s a natural fit ie ADD and hi tech but no ones seen anything written on it. I’m in the process of writing the top 10 advantages of having ADD in a high tech world, maybe some people might be interested in it.

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