Vancouver Weblogger Meetup & Vancouver beercasting squad

Went to my 2nd Vancouver Weblogger Meetup Group on Thursday April 21st at Subeez. It was combined with the Vancouver beercasting squad.

Kris Krug photographer, blogger, podcaster, webmonkey and 5 other titles has some photos and a list of some of the people that attended. Pretty big crowd about 30+ people. Had a great time. Enjoyed my first beer/podcasting session with Shane, Matt Musselman, and another guy who’s name I forgot but had some very good net gaming stories. Too bad they had audio problems.

I’m thinking of moving my blog from typepad to wordpress, it’s allows my inner geek more things to play with.

Got some good suggestions on blogging and WordPress from Gillian Gunson, Will Pate, Matt, Boris Mann, Kris and others.

With meetup now changing from a free to a fee based model and adding no real extra features I think many meetup groups will either switch to another platform or fold. Too bad. If you’re into blogging you might enjoying checking out a weblog meetup near you and talking non virtually to your fellow bloggers. There’s 324 weblog meetup groups around the world. and a million people belonging to one meetup group or another

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