Time Management For Anarchists: The Movie. Have ADHD & ODD? Have A Look

Jim Munroe created this great flash presentation on why and how anarchists can get more organized so they can “kick the boss habit”.

Effects of lowering boss dependence 3rd quarter

While I’m not promoting anarchism, this flash movie is

a) Hilarious
b) Extremely creative
c) Well thought out and presented
d) Would appeal to not only anarchists, but also those that have general or periodic problems with authority.

How anxiety eats brainpower

Many people with ADHD have problems with authority. As children many ADDers had ODD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

I believe that some of these people as they grow up still retain some traces of this almost reflexively anti authoritarian attitude. I have occasionally had run ins with authority myself, some smarter and more effective than others. There are some cases where authority should be challenged.

One example is George Bush’s decision to go to war with Iraq in part based on the stated belief that a corrupt secular Arab dictator like Saddam Hussein would be safeguarding, supporting, encouraging and supplying an Islamic fundamentalist terrorist organization like Al Qaeda, a group who’s publicly stated policy is the overthrow of corrupt secular dictator Arab dictators and the installation of Islamic fundamentalist regimes.

Some people challenge or rebel against authority do it more out of habit than out of carefully considered deliberation, and the result is often no change in the authority but negative consequences to the person who is reacting.

I.e., someone will tell them what to do and they’ll either not do it or do the opposite because they don’t like being told what to do, even when the end result would be beneficial to them.

So if you’re ADHD, occasionally reflexively anti authoritarian, and have trouble getting organized, this video may provide excellent motivation and practical tips to do so. Just don’t go overthrowing any governments eh? When you break it, you’ve bought it, and it can be damned expensive.

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