CADDAC, The Centre for ADD Advocacy, Canada.

Here’s a new national Canadian ADD advocacy organization.

CADDAC is a national Canadian alliance of organizations and individuals that educates people on ADHD and how to advocate for themselves and those affected by ADHD. It also runs workshops, advocates on behalf of all Canadians affected by ADHD and provides ongoing advocacy training.

In the past, while there have been a great number of people affected by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD), there has not been a single cohesive voice whose sole purpose is to advocate for ADHD in a positive manner. This is what CADDAC is all about.

This is great news; unfortunately in Canada we’re about 5 years behind the US in dealing with ADD and ADD awareness both in the general public and the medical and therapeutic communities. Advocating on ADD from a positive perspective is something that is really needed here, many adults with ADD don’t get diagnosed because it is often portrayed in the media and by some members of the medical profession as a 95% negative condition, and men especially are frequently resistant to another negative label being placed on them.

Here’s their mission:

CADDAC serves individuals, their families, education systems, medical professionals, employment organizations and government entities. Our goals are:

• To have ADHD universally recognized as a legitimate disability, which can be managed and accommodated.

• To create awareness within the health care system, the education system, amongst regulators, employers and the public.

• To unify the voice of individuals personally impacted by ADHD.

• To network with professional organizations and other stakeholders to maximize knowledge and understanding of ADHD.

About 5% of the population has diabetes. About 5% of the population has ADD. What’s the difference in the awareness, and available treatments for each condition? What’s one of the main reasons for these differences? Organization and mobilization. This is exactly why this organization is so necessary here.

Check out CADDAC’s new website, (a work in progress).

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