You know you have ADHD when…

Here’s a good chuckle for you.

This is by Karen Hughes who wrote a fiction book Scattered Dreams Scattered Dreamswhich is about a newly single mother who battles ADHD.

Here’s a few samples.

Your doctor prescribes you Adderall.

You forget to take your Adderall.

Money for your future speeding tickets is earmarked in the family budget.

You question where you’d be in life without bright-colored Post-Its.

Your best and worst decisions are impulsively made.

Being slow at work is considered stressful.

Got any gems to add?

1 thought on “You know you have ADHD when…”

  1. When I was first diagnosed in Vancouver in 1997, I read a list of top 50 coping skills and #1 was Do evertything you can to keep your sense of humour.

    I concur 1000%!! At the time, I suscribed to a “humour” mailing list and I loved it… used to get five to fifty great jokes / humourous anicdotes per day.

    Well, as my life fell apart in 1998 and I have been putting it back together, I lost the address for the humour mailing list – (go figure, eh? tee hee… ADHD and I lost something 🙂

    Can anyone help me out with this. Thanks and hang in there everyone!

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