CADDRA ADHD Conference Sunday

Just got back from the first day of the two day CADDRA (Canadian ADD Resource Alliance’s) ADHD through the lifespan conference here in Vancouver. I’d give you a link to CADDRA but I’m still waiting for them to have a website. They may be good at medicine but definitely need a marketing/interent consultant.

Pretty amazing to see 200 people at an ADD conference in Canada, maybe we don’t have to stay 5 years behind the US when it comes to dealing with ADD. Also very nice to hear several presenters recommend ADHD coaching. I had many doctors, paediatricians, psychologists and psychiatrists ask me what ADD coaching was all about and was happy to let them know, and give them info on my ADhD resource website.

Heard a great presentation by Dr. Atilla Turgay, chief of medical staff at Scarborough Hospital and director of Psychiatric Research and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity and many more titles. Busy guy. Topic was diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in the GP and Pediatric Setting. He covered ADD from many angles and perspectives.

ADHD is not a simple problem: There are no simple solutions.

Our knowledge is limited to ADHD boys 6-12 years old, no comorbid conditions. We really don’t know ADHD since 80% of ADHD patients have comorbid conditions.

What a breath of fresh air. We definitely need more studies on ADHD in adults, in girls and teenagers with and without the comorbid conditions. Meds are very useful but they only deal with one part of ADHD, we also need to study other approaches as well.

For example coaching (obviously I’m biased on this one, but every book I’ve read on adult ADD has recommended it), different types of therapies, exercise, active types of meditation, and nutrition (no magic bullet here, but it’s a factor), support groups etc.

As Dr. Ed Hallowell says pills are useful but they don’t teach skills.

Met a lot of interesting people and learned a lot. Will post more tomorrow when I have more sleep.

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