Meth’s rising US impact. ADD Connection Ignored in the Popular Press?

Update: check out Part Two and Part Three of the Crystal Meth Series of posts

The Christian Science Monitor had a article on the meth epidemic.

A recent survey of 500 law-enforcement agencies by the National Association of Counties finds that 87 percent have seen increases in meth-related arrests in the past three years. Most county sheriffs now say meth is their main drug problem, connected to increases in robberies, burglaries, domestic violence, assaults, identity thefts, and child neglect.

As of 2003, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 12.3 million Americans had tried methamphetamine at least once – up nearly 40 percent over 2000 and 156 percent over 1996.

A BBC report on the same survey said half of the counties surveyed said 20% of people in their jails were there because of meth-related crimes. In some places it accounts for more than 50% of people detained, and law enforcement officials say burglaries, domestic violence and assaults have increased because of it.


I’ve read a variety of articles on the meth problem and haven’t seen much in the popular media on the possible ADD connection. People who have undiagnosed ADD are more likely to abuse alcohol and drug, since alcohol, tobacco and every illegal drug beside hallucinogens boost dopamine levels in the brain, the same neurotransmitters the ADD stimulant medications work on. Adders have lower levels of dopamine in their brains compared to non ADDers.

I have some articles on ADD and Addictions on my website here.

I’ll be listing some clinical articles detailing the connection between meth and ADD in my next post.

5 thoughts on “Meth’s rising US impact. ADD Connection Ignored in the Popular Press?”

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  2. i have used meth since i was 14 off and on im 31 now and up till a couple weeks ago i have been diainosed ocd and deppression with anxiety i never stayed on anti depressants and i had a relapse after 3.5 years of being complety sober besides weed and achol i relasped on meth two weeks ago i was diagnosed with adult add and was told i most likely had since i was young etc the problem is me being honest with my history and always wondered why i loved stimulants i could focus more more social, i know but my phsyc wont give me stimulants due to me using in past i wasnt an evry day more bendge user more than any everything makes since now also my children are being tested as well thank god ive tryed strattera which made me sick with bad side effects how can i get a dr to trust me i know my body and what will work at least give me a try right i can have wife hold and give as needed for me ive never been a pill person but now im on a couple meds a day an hiv med for one and so i dont miss i cant and i dont over use what can i do can u help?thanks j

  3. Manny salazar

    I’ve been diagnosed as a child with hyperactivit child syndrome, now known as add/ adhd. I started falling into a deep depression while in high school because I couldn’t get good grades because I could never remember things after hearing it 5 minutes before. This depression turned in to suicidal attempts that were twice almost successful. It wasn’t until I was 38 years old but I was told I had ADHD causing my depression and bipolar disorder since I was 16 with hooks on crank then ice then crystal meth but found it easier to focus and complete most projects started instead of having five or six different projects started and never completed

  4. Pete Quily

    Thats too bad Manny. isn’t crank, ice & crystal meth different names for the same drug, meth?

  5. .Hello from devildog 70to71. The mind doesn’t miss what it never experienced !!!!!!! if a person has self control, and uses stimulants for focus and motivation, i think that way is better than what i did for 27 years. that’s drink gallons of coffee, had motivation but focus was with binoculars. i was not able to see outside the box !!!!!!!! sever adhd and dyslexia. no diagnosis, or treatment or F__KING HELP or pointed in the wight direction, from the ever so the V.A. adhd/dislyxia color vision impairment, ( c0olorvision test, i see the first number, the rest are nothing but dots ) L D , manic, ocd, the list is very long. INHEARTED !! acquired, ptsd acoa middle kid syndrome, IPV, multiple PTSD disorders. ,major depressive disorder recurrent, major anxiety disorder !!! fired from 35 out of bout 39 jobs, not disabled in the eyes of ALJ Honorable Jack —————————…….. SS court in KC MO. P S why and how does a 8 year old boy FAIL PHONICS in 3rd grade. nothing done .. I will continue to suffer as i have my entire life sense age 3. im 65 on sept. 6th 2015. NEVER GIVE UP !! SEMPER FI devildog70to71

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