Absolutely, Divinely, Diversified 1

Absolutely, Divinely, Diversified

ADD in a new light. This definition is from Stephanie Frank, author of the Accidental Millionare who says

… her ADD has been instrumental in her success. “As the founder of two multi-million dollar service based businesses, I would not have accomplished such rapid growth and accomplishment without finding and creating the simple methods and systems that enhanced my strengths and skills and empowered my employees to do the same.

She also says something that I’m a big proponent of, namely that successful people focus on identifying and developing their strengths, instead of just focusing on their weaknesses. She also talks about how ADDers are natural entrepreneurs. As someone that has gone to several business networking events, I’ve noticed there seems to be several people who seem like they have ADD at almost every meeting, even in smaller groups.

While often, the symptoms of ADD, such as distractibility, impulsivity, having many projects going on at one time, trouble completing projects on time, and hyperactivity are emphasized as challenging or even considered negative, the reality is that these same symptoms have tremendously positive implications, especially as it relates to the Entrepreneurial Spirit.

By definition, entrepreneurs think outside of the box. So do those with ADD/ADHD. Creativity and risk-taking are two essential elements of entrepreneurship. They are also two essential elements of ADD/ADHD. As we discover more correlations between the Entrepreneurial Spirit and ADD, perhaps we should consider redefining the perception of ADD as a disorder to what Ms. Frank more clearly defines in her book as…”Absolutely, Divinely, Diversified”.

You can check out her book at this website which is unfortunately a long scrolling sales letter instead of a regular website at

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