Today’s ADD Awareness Day.

Update: For those of you interested, my interview on CBC Radio’s BC Almanac with Diane Sugars is up on their website in real audio for 1 week. See the Openline Archives 9/19/2006
Adults living with ADD: Pete Quily and Diane Sugars. Had a good time, Mark’s a good interviewer. Will podcast it later.

Today is ADD Awareness Day. Here’s a few ideas for your consideration.

Read over my way’s to deal with the people who think ADD doesn’t exist Part 1 and part 2 so you’re better prepared to deal with the flat earth people.

Check out ADDA’s free ADD teleclasses this week

Drums and Whistles have a few ideas and links for you, and info about the free ADHD Experts on Call today.

Positives of ADD

151 Advantages of ADD

Top 10 Advantages of having ADD in a high tech career.

Read a blog post from the ADD Strengths category of my blog. If it has a link, check out the linked ADD blog or website for more inspiration, and if you like it share it with your friends.

Take Action

Decide to pick one of your ADD related strengths and spend the rest of the week noticing, appreciating and developing it.

Decide to pick one of your ADD related challenges, learn one new way of better managing this specific challenge (get more specific than “get organized”) from this blog, my ADD website or the many other ADD blogs and websites (see some links in my blogroll on the side) and forums (ADD Forums, ADHD News ) or the ADD teleclasses today. Then spend the rest of the week creatively applying this new method/technique to the 1 challenge (only 1).

If you’re not doing something for ADD awareness day, read over ADDA’s suggestions for the day and think of something you or they people you know with ADD can do next year to make an impact.

If you’re a Canadian, read this page on why we need to create a Canadian ADD Awareness day and think of what you might do to help create a Canadian ADD awareness day next year. Contact CHADD Canada and CADDAC to help them make it happen. In helping encourage them to make it happen, let them know they’ll be getting help, otherwise it won’t happen. They’re both volunteer organizations and the people involved are usually overworked and overloaded.

Volunteer sometime to help out your local ADD support group or consider putting a notice in your local community paper to see if there are people willing to help create an ADD support group.

And if you’re in the Vancouver area check out the Navigating ADHD event my Vancouver Adult ADD Support group is putting on tonight at 6.30. I’ll be talking about Adult ADD and Diane Sugars of the Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver will be talking about kids with ADD

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