ADD Awareness Day Podcast, Pete and Diane Talk about Adult ADD on CBC Radio Open Line Show BC Almanac

I and my co speaker at the Navigating ADHD presentation for ADD Awareness day, Diane Sugars, Executive Director of the Learning Disabilities Assn of Vancouver were interviewed on CBC Radio’s Open line show BC Almanac by host Mark Forsythe on the topic of Adult ADD the day before ADD Awareness day. I’ve listened to Mark for a long time on CBC and have always enjoyed his program. He was a good interviewer and knew how to handle the callers and the guests very skillfully. If you have a chance to go on his show, I’d highly recommend it.

I really enjoyed it. 25 minutes goes by pretty fast on live radio. I like the fast pace and the unpredictability of radio, where you never know what’s coming next, good for an ADHD adult who has a low boredom threshold like me:) I’ve only been on two other radio programs, twice on CFUN 1410 AM , and once on Evolution 107.9 FM , but I’ve had good experiences on all, really enjoyed doing them and want to do some more.

Don’t know if Mark has it, but I think it’s a competitive advantage to have ADD and be a radio talk show host. I wrote a blog post called The Advantages of having ADD as a Radio Talk Show Host giving 8 reasons why.

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