Reasons To Attend A CHADD Meeting Instead Of Looking Up Information On The Internet

This list was created by Marie Paxson, Coordinator of Chester County Chadd (near Philadelphia). She graciously offered me permission to reprint it here .

CHADD stands for Children and Adult with ADD, it’s an international non profit ADD support group. Here’s the US HQ, here’s the Cdn HQ, here’s CHADD Vancouver   (I’m on the board) and here’s my Vancouver Adult ADD support group which is the adult group of CHADD Vancouver

You can check my list of Canadian ADD Support groups and International ADD support groups for an ADD support group in your area. Or if there’s no ADD support group in your area you can start your own ADD support group.

Reasons To Attend A CHADD Meeting Instead Of Looking Up Information On The Internet

Less distractions at a meeting; opportunity to immerse yourself in ADHD info and support.

The internet is a great resource, but did you ever start looking at one topic and find yourself drifting to other items of interest? Or reading your e-mail? Or getting interrupted by those around you? You can focus on the subject at hand at a CHADD meeting.

Meet other people who understand the impact of AD/HD on your life.

Websites and articles are great for information. But not always so great for support. Sometimes we just need to be heard, or to relay our frustration without being judged. The atmosphere of honesty at our meetings is very refreshing.

Some aspects of the AD/HD journey are predictable and we can help prepare you for the next stage. Often our members attend a meeting for information on one topic, and find important insights that they didn’t even know they needed.

Looking for feedback on area specialists?

Although CHADD doesn’t recommend or endorse anyone, others at the support meeting may have personal opinions that could be helpful for you.

Don’t re-invent the wheel.

Learn how others are coping with the same issues that you are. Hear what they’ve learned, what methods they tried, and what they wish they had known.

No time? Life too hectic to get out at night?

We hear you. If you’re a parent you are dealing with homework, if you are an ADHD adult there are many other challenges. But if you learn some new strategies, you may just save time by handling things in a different way.

Did we mention that our meetings are free?

We do pass around a donation basket, and some of our special events have a modest fee. But here is a low-cost way to hear from area specialists on pertinent topics AND go home feeling competent and empowered.

You have nothing to lose by trying us out. At worst, you lose two hours out of your life (what – you have never played computer Solitaire?) And at best you will find some solutions to make your life more manageable.

Personally I think you should do both, look info up on the net but also connect with live human beings with ADD. It can be really useful to be in a room full of people that all “get” ADD where you don’t have to explain it, and you also realize you’re not the only one with ADD. Also we’re pretty entertaining people, you won’t be bored.

If you’ve been to an in person ADD support meeting, can you think of any other reasons why people should attend one?

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