CIA on ADDers “We need that kind of talent here”

Interesting article about CIA recruitment.

“Tom McCluskey, the CIA’s chief of hiring and employee development …the CIA is after the generation that has grown up on the Web. “They were born with ear buds in their ears. They are ADD and it is contagious,” he said, referring to attention deficit disorder. “We need that kind of talent here.”

Actually, I’d agree. People with Attention Deficit Disorder thrive on stimulation and are often hyper aware of their environment since we don’t filter info as much as other people, we actually take more info in than non adders, and notice things that others do not i.e. potential dangerous situations, people or things out of place, etc

That’s why if you want to by a spy, or a cop or a soldier, having Attention Deficit Disorder can be an advantage, since in many (not all) jobs in those three areas. Here are a few reasons.

High stress can be highly stimulating to an ADD adrenaline junkies.

We thrive in chaotic situations (and sometimes create them) where others might panic and lose their heads.

Impulsivity=quick to react to changing situations without calling a committee meeting to determine if it’s ok to proceed, oops he got away.

Risk takers= Seize opportunities, take chances others might shy away from

Highly creative= able to think of new and innovative practical solutions in the field. We’re natural brainstormers.

Here is one CIA job that someone with Attention Deficit Disorder would probably not thrive very well on.

Canadians could try CSIS. One advantage working at CSIS over the CIA is we don’t (so far at least) torture people.

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  1. There’s something to this. I suspect I’m ADD. A long time ago, at a Law School job fair, I looked into the CIA as a career and took their test; they said I would make a good analyst. Looking back, it makes sense.

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