The Tyranny of STUFF

Serial Filler talks about the true cost of stuff.

It takes time and energy to take care of stuff. Physical stuff, intellectual property, outdated issues, unresolved traumas and conflicts, even memories. I have a choice: caretake my past or build my future.

How true. Many of us ADDers like the stimulating process of accumulating physical and intellectual things, (something new! cool!) and fail to consider the true or full costs of those things beside their initial purchase or creation prices. Which in the long run is often the smallest cost.

Every posession you have you need to:

  • find a place to keep it, and in doing so reduce your available space to move in.
  • Clean it
  • Maintain it
  • Repair it (if needed)

I believe that physical clutter leads to mental and emotional clutter.
Also, if we’re not willing to process issues and problems in the present, and are reluctant to go deal with the undealt with stuff from our past, it becomes clutter for our future.

I can’t grab the right stuff if my hands (and heart, and mind) are already full of wrong stuff, obsolete stuff, broken stuff, and even OK stuff that isn’t as important as I thought it was.

So less excess “stuff” means more freedom in the present moment. So what questions could you ask yourself before you’re about to add another bit of stuff to your life to make sure it’s the right stuff?

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