Pete’s Global TV Interview on “Overwhelming Popular” BC ADHD Clinic Closing Doors to New Adult Patients

Update: They shut down the BC Adult ADHD clinic that had a 1-year wait list and abandoned the patients. No other hospital has opened a similar clinic to deal with the needs of Adults with ADHD. 1-year waiting list politically embarrassing to BC Govt? Solution? Kill the clinic.

Here’s the video of the Global TV interview I did on January 30th on the BC ADHD Clinic’s decision to close their doors to new patients wanting to get diagnosed for Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.

They will do a “review” of the ADHD clinic with no deadline. If you’re lucky enough to be on the current wait list you will eventually be seen, if not tough luck. Global did a good job of telling a complex story in 2 minutes. Too bad they didn’t mention the Vancouver Adult ADD support group under which the press release went out but it’s nice to have it play on Global News 3 times, the 6pm, 11pm and 6am shows. Thanks to Barrie for creating the press release and media strategy and Patrick for suggestions on some specific local media contacts.

Side note. When your mom tells you something that makes sense, implement it quickly. Ironically my parents were in town the day before and my mom suggested getting my pants tailored, since they looked too baggy. I was planning on eventually doing so but as someone who’s fashion indifferent, it wasn’t on the top of my priorities list (also didn’t think we’d get a media response that fast). Seeing the video changed that.

Global reporter Catherine Pope

But the waiting list is a clear indication that there is an enormous need. Brought on by the thousands of adults in greater Vancouver who have Attention Deficit Disorder.

Dr. Derryck Smith, head of Psychiatry at Children’s Hospital

It’s become overwhelming popular to the point that our waiting list is now more than a year.

Actually, it’s not a recent matter that it’s a year, it’s been longer than that. I blogged about the 1-year wait list in May, and the BC Adult ADHD clinic said it’s been a year wait list for an entire year for adults with ADHD.

Here are some questions this story brings up. Hopefully, some members of the media might get curious enough to look for some answers.

Why did it tak1-year wait list to last for an entire year for adult ADHD diagnosis before the BC Children’s Hospital decided to do something?

Why didn’t the BC Health Minister George Abbot do something earlier?

I know the Director of the Clinic Dr. Margaret Weiss had previously told the BC Health Ministry about the 1-year wait list for adults with attention deficit disorder to get diagnosed and asked for more money but was but was told no. Why didn’t George Abbot the BC Health minister do the right thing and adequately fund the ADHD clinic?

It’s clearly a service in high demand, now that BC Children’s Hospital is closing it doors to new adults with ADHD, and being fairly clear they don’t want the adult program there at all given what Dr. Derryck Smith said in the video, who will take up this popular, needed, useful service?

An adult hospital like UBC? VGH? St Pauls? Another clinic?

Why is there only 1 public clinic in BC that diagnoses ADHD in Adults and Children? 5% of adults have ADHD, 8% of Children do. There are 4 million people in BC. Do the math, there’s a need.

Who will take on a much-needed awareness and educational campaign for the public on ADHD? And an awareness and education campaign for medical professionals?

Do BC doctors avoid diagnosing ADHD because the BC Health Ministry doesn’t pay them enough?

I’ve heard this reason mentioned by a few doctors, George Abbot’s Health Ministry only pays them for a 15-minute visit. You can’t diagnose ADHD in 15 minutes.

Why does the BC Health Ministry have a depression strategy, and Anxiety disorders strategy, but no ADHD strategy? Why doesn’t George Abbot show some leadership as BC’s Health Minister on Adult ADHD and ADHD in children and teenagers?

If you want to ask Health Minister George Abbot some of these questions or some of your own you can call him at 1 877 771-7557 and email him at

Or you can ask your BC MLA at the MLA finder

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