Voice Candy Voice Recorder Alarm Reminder

Voice Candy is a voice recorder that you can use as an alarm with your Mac computer. You have different effects, a snooze button, and it wakes your Mac up from sleep. You can email the recording as an mp3, and also put it on an itunes playlist and carry it around on your ipod.

Since we ADDers are more here and now oriented than future oriented, we’re often more fun to be around, but we’re also more likely to forget things like appointments or phone calls. You can use it to remind you of tasks or even to take regular breaks, something that ADDers often forget to do.

Taking regular breaks (even 5 minute ones) is probably one of the most important habits to have if you want to be productive at work. It’s important for everyone, but crucial for adults with Attention Deficit Disorder, since if we don’t, we can easily get lost in distractions for extended periods of time.

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