25 Free Health Tips for Cube Farmers and Web Workers

The Free Geek just sent me a link to his post 25 Free Health Tips for Computer Nerds but it’s not just for geeks (there is a difference between geeks and nerds). It’s for anyone who uses a computer and frankly most tips are useful to most people at work, though there are some specific tech examples. Since ADDers are more likely to work in the geek sector because of their ADD superpowers I thought I’d blog it.

Here’s a few of them:

1. Listen to your body. Your body starts to try to get your attention with whispers, then nudges, then pokes, then slaps and then it starts punching. Most people are so out of touch with their bodies they wait until the punching begins.2. Learn your limits. Or learn to enjoy the joys of burnout.
3. Stretch.
6. Create work-related workouts. Maybe get a swiss ball chair, good for grounding restless adult with ADHD

9. Learn how to wind down before bedtime. This is a big problem with ADDers, they often assume that their racing mind can go from 60 to zero in 10 minutes. And then they wonder why they can’t get to sleep.

19. Learn to recognize an emotionally toxic environment. If you’re just living in your head like most of the western world you often don’t notice a you’re in a toxic job until it’s too late.
I don’t always agree with #21 avoid multitasking, since for some ADDers it’s often something we enjoy and excel at. However it’s important to realize when it’s useful and when it’s just making you spin your wheels.

24. Reward yourself. something too many of us forget

25. When all else fails, keep a journal.

Unlike the drug addict who is classified as suffering from “hard addiction,” the person who develops an unhealthy compulsive lifestyle is said to be suffering from a “soft addiction” because the results aren’t immediately felt by the abuser. If you cannot tear yourself away from your computer without some anxiety, guilt, or sadness, if you can’t seem to change your habits despite sincere resolutions, or if someone else has pointed out that your behavior is unusual or harmful, then you might have a serious problem….

Some of the symptoms to soft addictions include an inability to remember what you did as time seems to fly by. But, soft addictions come with identifiable costs of time, money, energy, and intimacy. If you spend too much time at a computer, you can track that time with a journal. You can also use that journal to mark your progress, and then you can reward yourself for all your positive changes.

See my post on internet addiction wakeup devices.

If you manage to follow some of the tips you can treat yourself to an inexpensive geek retreat

as a nice reward. Number 18 sounds pretty cool.

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