Flash Guide to Your Brain

Know your Neurobiology! Most adults probably spend more time learning about how their car works than learning how their brain does. Which one is more important? Especially when ADD is a neurobiological condition. It’s like having diabetes and not knowing how your blood sugar works.

Bruno Dubuc has created a great flash site on how the brain works in flash format for Mcgill University in Montreal, Quebec.

Want to know where the pathways of the top 3 neurotransmitters associated with ADD are?

It’s very cool and well laid out. When you click on individual sections you can get further detail by choosing beginner intermediate or advanced on the top left of the page and 5 levels of organization social, psychological, neurological, cellular or molecular on the top right.

They’ve got a good section on emotions and the brain. You might also want to check out the section on anxiety disorders, a common comorbid condition of people with ADHD.

If you want more information on how your ADD brain works, check out the Neurobiology of ADD and Information on How Your Brain Works section on my website.

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