Dr. Ed Hallowell is Doing an ADHD Workshop in Vancouver Nov 8, Calgary Nov 7th

ADD guru Dr. Ed Hallowell will be doing a workshop for children and teenagers with ADHD in Vancouver on November the 8th, and in Calgary November the 7th. He’s brought here by Jack Hirose and Associates who do mental health workshops all across Canada.

He’s the author of several books on ADHD, ie Delivered from Distraction, Driven to Distraction, and other mental health topics.

Delivered from Distraction is the first book I suggest my ADD coaching clients read.

He taught at Harvard medical school and is a great speaker (I’ve seen him speak in Seattle). He also doesn’t see ADD as 98% pathology unlike some ADD authors. He sees the negatives and positives of people with ADHD.

So if you have a child or teenager with ADHD and have the time and the money, I’d highly recommend you go.

Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Place: Norman Rothstein Theatre (Jewish Community Centre)
950 West 41st Ave

Workshop Agenda

Morning AM Session

1. Diagnosis, which should include identification of talents and strengths.

2. Implementation of a five-step plan that promotes talents and strengths: Connect, Play, Practice, Mastery and Recognition.

3. Education about ADD.

4. Changes in lifestyle that promote a healthier mental and physical life.

Afternoon PM Session

5. Structures and other non-medical interventions that augment your lifestyle and needs.

6. Counseling of some kind, such as coaching, psychotherapy, career counseling, couples therapy, family therapy.

7. Various other therapies that can augment the effectiveness of medication or replace the use of medication altogether, such as an exercise program that stimulates the cerebellum, targeted tutoring, physical exercise, or nutritional or occupational therapy

8. Medication (only if desired)

If you go to the workshop, maybe ask him to come back to Vancouver to do a workshop on Adults with ADHD. If there’s enough demand he might return and do one.

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