satisfied Adult ADHD coaching client

I derive great value from the insight and suggestions of my life coach, Pete Quily. The money I pay is well worth it. Working with him has helped me align my life and get my business seriously on track. Pete is very knowledgeable about the Internet, blogging and social networking. It was easy to contact Pete; I found his website, contacted him, did a 1/2 hour meeting and knew I wanted him be my life coach!

I am realizing my full potential. Something I’ve always dreamed of but never seemed able to achieve.

Pete has not given me strength but helped me find it within myself. I was able to realize and experience true productivity. Being busy isn’t the same as getting the important things done and Pete will have you face yourself, which for some people is just too hard.

Pete is intelligent, supportive, firm and provides the type of structure I need to be successful in my daily life. Pete also has a great sense of humor and is knowledgeable about history and current events. Lastly, Pete shows, through his actions, he is dedicated to your success. He has sent me many awesome links and recommended amazingly powerful books that have truly helped me move forward. Try Pete Quily for 6 months and if you’re really ready to improve your life, you will see results.

Pete is like the horse whisperer. There’s fear inside you and you’re avoiding certain things in your life; fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of just not being good enough. You’ve had so many negative reinforcements to these beliefs that you no longer need anyone saying these things to you because you now put yourself down. All “what if’s” get squashed. Pete makes it safe. Pete will ask you to describe the cliff. Okay, that’s scary. Then what would happen if you launch yourself off? Are you wearing the right equipment? What’s the worse that could happen? And don’t forget steps! Pete will help you break down, for yourself, the steps you towards your goal. The time span between thought and completed action grows smaller each month I work with Pete.

If you ever wondered how other people get stuff done and you feel like you’re drowning, ask Pete to be your life coach.
Adria Richards

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