Of Course. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May’s Answer To My ? Would She Support Screening Federal Prisoners For ADHD

Yesterday I went to two leaders rallies in Vancouver, Michael Ignatieff’s in North Vancouver and Elizabeth May’s in Vancouver

At the Green party rally that started at 7.30pm in front of the train station in Vancouver I asked Elizabeth May who’s @elizabethmay on Twitter

“Do you knew that 20-45% of prisoners have ADHD?”  Only 5% of adults have ADHD. She said a lot of prisoners have ADHD and other mental health problems. I then said “The UK screens prisoners for ADHD in their jails, would you commit to screening prisoners in Federal jails for ADHD?” She answered “Of course”

I was very pleasantly surprised since most politicians I talk about this have no clue about the massive disproportionate number of prisoners in Canadian jails who have ADHD. I thanked her and gave her a printed copy of my blog post on 15 peer reviewed studies on ADHD and crime Up To 45% 0f Prisoners Have ADHD Studies Show. Crime & Jail Are Costly, Treatment Is Cheap

So thank you Elizabeth May for choosing science and evidence over ideology and theology in regards to ADHD and crime. I hope other leaders do the same.

I got a chance to give my blog post on 15 peer reviewed studies on ADHD and crime to Michael Ignatieff who’s @m_ignatieff on Twitter, as he passed on the way out but unfortunately didn’t have a chance to ask him if he’d screen prisoners in Federal jails for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Health is mainly a provincial responsibility but the Federal govt is responsible for jails. So if you or someone you know has ADHD why don’t you ask your local candidate or their party leader if they have a chance if they support screening prisoners in Canadian Federal prisons for ADHD and also properly diagnosing those who screen positive by people who know ADHD and treat them in jail not only with long term medications that can’t be abused like the short term ones but also therapy so they learn self awareness and skill so they don’t come back to jail at a cost of $101,000 a year to the Canadian taxpayer?

Ideally you want them to screen children and adults for ADHD BEFORE they end up in jail, get medical professionals trained on ADHD in kids and adults and do a national anti stigma/ ADHD facts campaign.


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  1. Hi Pete, Thanks you for this information, and for having the initiative to ask politicians this question. I wholeheartedly support your views on screening and early diagnosis/treatment. As a Spec Ed high school teacher (and an ADDer), it breaks my heart to see my basically good students fall foul of the law because of their poor executive function and working memory. I get so angry when non-ADD teachers/administrators/police talk about persons “making poor choices”. What they are missing, is that ADD is not a choice. People living with ADD are doing the very best they can with the skills they have. They need support for what is basically a developmental delay in a very narrow sphere, not punishment. Dr. Sam Chang of Calgary University has a research program for young juvenile offenders who he calls his”non-medicated ADHD boys” – his research is fascinating. I worked with CHADD in Calgary, and now live in Nanaimo, and would very much like to start a CHADD in this area. Any help you can provide would be very much appreciated. Regards, Pippa

  2. As the parent of an recently diagnosed ADHD child, I have witnessed the tremendous difference diagnosis and treatment have made in my child’s ability to perform to his potential in school. Not to mention the incredible boost to his self-esteem now that he is receiving from his teachers and peers (not just his family) the recognition of his tremendous intellect and ability.

    I’ve asked local LPC candidate about making greater funding for psychoeducational assessment available to families who do not have access to extended healthcare benefits that can help make the not insignificant cost of this testing affordable. School budgets are already stretched and school administrators can only assess the most extreme cases with the result that many children with LDs and AD/HD fail to be diagnosed and thereby are unable to qualify for an IEP and the accommodations they so desperately need to level the playing field and allow them to demonstrate their unique gifts, perform to their potential and prepare themselves for a successful future.

    In my view, this investment in Canada’s children – one that allows them to make the most of their educational opportunities and to aspire to a successful career rather than being condemned to a path that leads to minimum-wage dead-end jobs that offer only poverty, desperation and crime – is far more important that allocating scarce resources for the purpose of building more and bigger prisons.

    I’ll be sure to send a copy of this comment to the other candidates in my local riding as well.


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