Hedy Fry Liberal MP For Vancouver Centre Supports Screening Prisoners in Federal Jails for ADHD

Update: More than 7 years later despite repeated asks for her to follow through on her promise, Hedy Fry, just like Justin Trudeau and all the other Federal Liberal Politicians who have promised to screen federal prisoners for ADHD, has broken her promise. No action taken. Please ask her to do so.

Monday, April 14th, 2011 I went to see Michael Ignatieff at the Vancouver Alpine Club. I asked Michael a question about ADHD & crime during the Q & A period, I think I was the 3rd questioner “Did you know that 20-45% of prisoners have ADHD 15 clinical studies show? And only 5% of adults have ADHD? The UK screens prisoners for ADHD in their jails, would you commit to screening prisoners in Federal jails for ADHD?”

I’m asking politicians this question for several reasons but one of them is most people don’t care at all about people with ADHD or think it’s overdiagnosed/space alien/drug company conspiracy/ not beating up your kid enough etc. But they do care about crime.

After the rally was over I decided to ask some of the Liberal politicians there if they would commit to screening prisoners in Federal jails for ADHD.

I asked Vancouver Center Liberal MP Hedy Fry (on Twitter @HedyFry Election website HedyFry ) ” The UK screens prisoners for ADHD in their jails, would you commit to screening prisoners in Federal jails for ADHD?” Hedy Fry answered “Yes I would”.

She knew about the connection between ADHD and crime. Hedy Fry was a family doctor and president of the Vancouver and British Columbia Medical Associations. But many doctors in BC & Canada have no training on ADHD and currently, UBC medical students only get one hour on ADHD during their program.

Also most politicians I talk to about this have no clue about the massively disproportionate number of prisoners in Canadian jails who have ADHD. So it’s nice to talk to someone who knows about ADHD and crime. I thanked her and handed her a copy of my blog post on 15 peer-reviewed studies on ADHD and crime Up To 45% 0f Prisoners Have ADHD Studies Show. Crime & Jail Are Costly, Treatment Is Cheap

So thank you Hedy Fry for choosing science and evidence over ideology and theology in regards to ADHD and crime. I hope other Canadian politicians do the same.

20-30% + of drug addicts and alcoholics have ADHD peer reviewed clinical studies show but properly managed, ADHD can be a competitive edge. Many entrepreneurs have ADHD. See the top ten advantages of ADHD in a high tech career

Nearly 20 years ago in Seattle, Judge David Admire son got diagnosed for ADHD and he noticed many people in his 2-3 year court seemed to have ADHD. He developed a screening program for prisoners with ADHD and learning disabilities. If they screened positive, they got properly diagnosed and had a choice of getting treatment for ADHD and or LD, learning how to properly manage ADHD with skills, pills, how to self-advocate etc or going to jail. The ones who got treated for ADHD had their recidivism (return to prison) rates go down massively compared to controls.


Vancouver’s mental health court last time I asked didn’t bother screening for ADHD. Too bad.

Health is mainly a provincial responsibility in Canada, but the Federal govt is responsible for jails. So if you or someone you know has ADHD why don’t you ask your local candidate or their party leader if they have a chance if they support screening prisoners in Canadian Federal prisons for ADHD?

Maybe also ask them if they’ll properly diagnosing those who screen positive by people who know ADHD and treat them in jail not only with long-term medications that can’t be abused like the short term ones but more importantly also therapy so they learn self-awareness and skill so they don’t come back to jail at a cost of $101,000 a year to the Canadian taxpayer?

Ideally, you want them to screen children and adults for ADHD BEFORE they end up in jail, get medical professionals trained on ADHD in kids and adults and do a national anti-stigma/ ADHD facts campaign. But Canadian provincial politicians don’t seem to want to do that.

Vote or you can’t complain until the next election.

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